Friday, April 3, 2009

A Trip to Ayodhya

Yesterday was Ramnavami(The day Lord Rama took incarnation on Earth),and I just learnt it in the night while talking to my Mother on phone that it was Ramnavami today.For the first time since I can remember it's been so that I didn't offer my prayers on the ocasion and I feel a little upset about it.Blame it on office works or anything else,It shouldn't have happened.

A few months back,I was to Ayodhya on the ocasion of Chhath,It was my 3rd trip to the sacred city(not so scared politically though).In Ayodhya,as my dad keep saying,Lord Ram rules every part of life and everyone,without making any discrimination.
The politics encircling the Ayodhya seems to have left untouched the residents there and around.
It was an Ocasion AkshayNavami then and I could see a large number of villagers from around Ayodhya flocking it to the city.It's difficult to guess for what they'd been praying to the lord,Moksha(Freedom from Death & Birth Cycles) or Material desires.But one thing was for sure Ram ruled their Heart.Probably,the political wave that marred Ayodhya for a while has downgraded and Lord is back to his usual business i.e. blessing his devotees.

In the evening,I went to 'Kanak Bhavan',the most revered temple of Ayodhya.One thing which amazed me was that inspite of all the halla-hooplah around Ram Janm Bhoomi Temple,people of Ayodhya pay highest regards to 'Kanak Bhavan' and treat it above the Janm Bhoomi Temple.'Shayan Arti'(The Arti before the Lord goes to sleep) at Kanak Bhavan is one event where one can find a large number of local residents,bussinesmen coming to have a Darshan after their daily works.The logic as someone explained to me latter was a little funny but still it showed the place which Lord Ram occupies in their Heart.It was..
"Let the lord remain free for other piligrims for the whole day as we are his people, his nagarwasi(persons belonging to same place) so we'll get a special treatment if we go to see him when the lord is most relaxed i.e. the sleeping time.[:)]"
The arti sung at this time is also a different one and reflects this atitude of the locals there.
Can't really say,whether the Locals are getting a special treatment from their lord but they seem contented with their Lord.They seem to be making no complaints...

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