Friday, June 15, 2007

Contemplating Love!!

I have been thinking on a while whether one can love more than one person with equal vigour and passion to all of them.(if in case you have more than one :) I have none,hence all this thought and blogs :))

Well, I think ,it's very much possible. Just that we don't realise it or we do not want to.
Can you differentiate between your love for two of your brothers,don't you love them equally?
yes you do..I bet you do. sometimes,you love someone on an equivalent level as of your parents,for example your spiritual guru,or someone elder.All of this are very much real phenomena occuring in our life.

Now what is it that makes us think,we can't love two sweethearts/lifepartners equally. Though it may be a wild concept for some,but I am sure it happens and it's perfectly natural.

If it can't be so,then I must say there exists two types of love,one that is bestowed on life-partner and the other one being for rest of the family & friends,including mother,father and brothers etc. However,all of us know love is same everywhere and for all,whether it's for spouse or for family. what makes the love for life-partner somewhat appear different is the blend of sex and love.

Hence, I think it's perfectly natural if one is in love with more than one person at a time.
Moreover, our ancient texts have some very good examples of such kind, Draupadi with pandavas and Lord Krishna with his eight patranis. Just we need to think over it rationally and you'll get my point.

Disclaimer:- It's only a thought..please don't try it may loose even the existing ones..[:)]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sutta Song

I remember girls deserting the arena when the band Pentagram started chanting " B*C*
Sutta" along with us at ISM during srijan2k6. However, I had a completely different experience at IIT KGP.

Recently I attended a party by Nettech(an organisation which gives summer training in network management). Since some of my friends were a part of the training, I was also invited.Approximately 300 guys and gals in almost equal proportion were dancing to the tunes and adding to the beauty of the evening.

Someone played the song "sutta" and I cud hear all the girls crying and whistling passionately.It was as if this song had the effect of a Booster on their souls.
when the song was changed I heard some girls shouting "sir,B*C* Sutta fir se"(aaila!! bharosa nai hua kya)..

Guys became almost electrified on this response of girls..some of the guys went further and the famous XLRI song("danda" ) was on the decks now..To add to my amazement the gals were still tapping their legs..

After the party, at my room I was wondering ,what was it that made the ISM girls leave the arena then back in 2k6. Has india changed so much in last one year??
By the way, here at KGP I also heard the female version of "sutta" by the gals of NIT,K.. (Mail me, If you need this song)

Well, after all this I am forced to change my perceptions about gals..I would suggest you should too,if you haven't.