Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Hope Quotient that gets you going..

Thanx for bearing with me..But still,I would suggest you to keep crocin as a precautionary measure before delving into this piece....

This is about life.One of the few observations during my brief stint with life has been that a certain amount of hope quotient is necessary for us to lead our lives in a jovial and progressive manner.By Hope quotient,I mean something which you look forward to.
I'll explain,suppose you are planning for your marriage and in a typical indian family the process can stretch anywhere from 2 months to a year involving looking out for a suitable bride\groom,meeting with his\her family,engagement,marriage and blah blah.In this case,it's the marriage which keep your life ticking.

Similary,in your professional life you may look forward to your promotion as something which keeps you motivated to may want to get admitted into a good MBA college and then this is what fuels you to strive for.

What I mean to say is,when you have something which you want to achieve either in short term or long term,you are progressing,evolving and deep inside you love the life.
Increase the resolution,and you'll find that this is similar to somethig called purpose of life.But here lies the difference,you maynot know what is the purpose of your life ,but you may be sure of what you want to get out of the next 6 months into your life.
So I would say evenif you don't know what you want from life in totality,keep that minimum threshold of hope quotient which keeps life ticking.
cling on to any hope.It's not necessary that you'll achieve what you hope for but even then it'll add up to your experiences and keep your life ticking.....
Keep Hoping..


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The CAT Story..

It was 09:15 AM,dated 9th January,Friday.I was just into the office and logged into the site where they has said CAT results would be published.
CAT tr. no:7230475, application no.-******(earlier,it had the exact no. but I changed it after reading abt information security threats :)) and the bang happens...

Quant :50 98.98%ile
DI :33 91.84%ile
Verbal:66 98.78%ile

Overall :149 99.61%ile

Hey, I am expecting something more..there must be some more info as to which IIMs I have got calls from.Is there a mistake? Must be.It's Unbelievable ,there must be a couple of calls.But there wasn't any.Neither at that moment nor in the days to come.

I am still clueless as to what might have gone wrong.One thing was clear, I was a little short in DI,but still it was enough to clear the cutoffs of B,C(PGDCM),L and I(Not to Mention Shillong).
I am trying to look for ways by which I can find out what went wrong.RTI seems one option and am thinking about it.