Monday, April 16, 2007

Swapna sundari ...continued..

This part of swapnsundari is composed by
Ms. Tabassum Shakeel..(she insisted on continuing this poem)

"main bhramar nahi tu pushp nahi
par jeevan upavan lagtab hai
he priytama ye roop tera mujhe
anupam aur ujjaval lagta hai
man pathik mera tu manzil si
ye jeevan raah sa lagta hai
ik swapn si sunder kyun hai tu?
tujhe paana jeevan lagta hai ...

This had added to the beauty of the poem immensly

Sunday, April 15, 2007

VISA TRIP Visa trip..though this might have turned out to be a US trip .
thanx to US onsulate,it cudn't

It was interesting to know how they delayed(better say denied my visa)..
After crossing 2 security checks and 2 counters where they check for
your papers..It turned out to be my photograph was not according to
their specifications..and the pretty lady needed my hostel phone no.
too..(plz don't assume any other reason except VISA )..I had to move
out getting a photograph according to their specifications and
crossing all those counters and checks again..

In b/w I cud see some pretty young ladies waiting for their Interview
with me..along with two old couples,one student aspiring for MS,
one wipro Business Executive alongwith his family and one journalism student(probably)..
Tension as usual..they were preparing for the Interview the way we
prepare for Our exams..asking questions among themselves viz.

"the executive to his wife-what do you do mam?
wife - I am a teacher
exec. -How long you have been teaching
wife - ****
exec - Why do you want to move to USA?
wife - *** "

I cud see a tension prevelant on all the faces except mine.Reason,
I thought I was genuine and had nothing to need to prepare
for these simple questions (I was wrong..hehe)

However I took the chance to talk with one of the girl sitting
beside me. She was a Wipro employee,was tense.I queried for wht papers
she has brought etc...

Inbetween, I cud see 3 ppl being denied their VISA outrightly and the
Journalism student was allowed.They were two ppl taking interviews.
One a young US guy (say Mr. x),the other being a Lady on two separate

The moment arrives,my name is called..went to the counter,It was Mr. x
waiting for me(pahla kela...socha tha wo lady legi Interview)--

Mr. x- gudafternoon sir
me- (with a forced smile) gud afternoon
Mr. x- How are you sir?(jaise abhi chai,coffee ke liye puchhega)
me- fine and you?
Mr. x- fine sir, please scan your fingers on the red scanner
Me- ok(karna pada )
Mr. x- (going thru my papers, I was feeling the tension now)
where r u going sir?
me- decatur,georgia near Atlanta(again with a forced smile)
Mr. X- what is the purpose?
me- (m**** application me likhe to the sab kuchh)summer Internship
Mr. x- Why did u choose this internship?
me- (thinking for a while,US ghumna tha aur kya)-The Internship Involves
microcontroller programming which is my area of Interest besides,
this being a foreign Internship adds much value in india.
(koka....microprocessor me C+ aya tha:))
Mr. X- I think you may need a J1 visa
Me- I had a talk with a fellow who had done his Undergard Intern
In US and he told a B1 visa would do.
Mr. x- Ok,lemme confirm ..don't go any where(went inside a room,increasing my
tension further,comes back talks to a person besides him )
Mr. x- Mr. Dubey,this is not a problem for us(does some work on desktop )..
we have a different issue(awaz more soft and frndly...I cud sense
something wrong,nahi to Itne pyar se baat karne ki koi jarurat nahi thi)
Mr. x- (smiling) someone with your name has done something in US and we'll
require an additional clearance from washington(bomb dropped!!aailaaa)
Me- so get much time it's gonna take?
Mr. x- It may take months sir(ho gaya)..(sensing my disappointment) however in
some case It cases I have seen it coming it within a month also
(consolation complete...)

Me- (giving a shatterred look) what about my internship sir
(man to kar raha tha galiyane ka)
Mr. x- but this check will be necessary when u go for your higher degrees ,
Job or for an eventual Internship Next year(matlab..s*** Internship
to bhul hi jao aagey fir kabhi jana hai to meri baat mano)
Me- I see..but can't you ask for a fast processing of things.
Mr. x- sorry sir,we can't do anything in this regard...

*********(kuchh aur baatein)

This way My visa trip comes to an end............................................
Kahani se sikh-Never go for an US Internship..East or West India is The Best