Friday, March 30, 2007

My Tryst With Astrology

I have been interested into astrology after my 10th when i had lots of leisure time between board exams and their declaration.May be my this interest is due to Banaras,the holy city being my place of birth,and this city continues to fascinate me more than any other place.

Initially i myself was not sure whether how much accurate the predictions are or whether they are connected to one's destiny at all.However,i followed my this hobby as i had ample time then.Gradually i came across various classic texts and enriched my knoweledge.

The real launch took place when i entered at ISM,with astrology being my only saviour during the dreaded ragging period.With a little heasitation i started mentioning astrology as my hobby during the mandatory 'intro' ,it was an instant hit and i was popular within days as the "first year jo kundali dekhta hai",with some final year seniors being on my fan list(that's quite
an achievement during ragging period).

one day a senior called me and said that whatever i had said about him was true to every word and it was a pleasant surprise for me,as i myself had not tested my predictions till then and here i had someone testifying for 100% accuracy.Gradually, the number of such persons increased and i was known more for my astro skills rahter than anything else.Though there were many students with palmistry as their hobby but none in horoscopes,which sounded more scientific and credible to the general Junta.

At times,it became difficult to manage as this phenomenon continued during exam time too,and i had really some hard time avoiding some persons solely to save some time for study.

Being an astrologer gives you many benefits..
the first being instant interaction..
the moment one knows you know astrology(doesn't matter how right or wrong),9 out of 10 times,he'll ask for your services,this way you can move into his personal domain instantly.

gals!!..Yeah it definitely works for Indian girls,(haven't tried on foreigners,may be i'll try some this summer)

Social Magnet..quoting Mr. Amitabh Gir,Manager,Admissions,ISB.."I want to learn astrolgy purely with a strategic point of view,coz people with some astro skills are social magnets".This is what he told me once during a dinner,and he was not wrong for sure.

I don't know how much help it would be once i move into the industry,but at ISM, it's been very effective. Whether it was being tagged the "1st guy" to clinch a party from the most sought after gal at ISM(guess!!!shudn't be difficult,she is in final year :-) ), a midnight call from Chicago or some unknown friend requests at Orkut(guys and gals alike),astrology has been something that has made me cultivate my second hobby i.e. to Interact with people and this surely is going to help me in industry if not astrology.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Poem..Meri SwapnSundari....

हे स्वप्न सुंदरी तेरी तलाश में कहाँ खो गया हूँ मैं।
इस संसार के उपवन में हजार तितलियाँ, हजारों भ्रमर
पर उस तितली को देखकर क्यों मचल गया हूँ मैं,
कोइ पूछे विधाता की उस सुंदरतम रचना से,
जेठ की इस भरी दुपहरी में ठंढी आह क्यों भर रहा हूँ मैं।
पतझड़ में सावन,दिवाली में होली और दिन में रात
के गीत क्यों गा रहा हूँ मैं। हे स्वप्न सुंदरी……

अचानक से मेरा मन-मयूर मचल उठा है क्यों,
ऐ हसीना तेरे इन लहराते बालों पे,
चलते तो सब लोग हैं,पर क्यों जी करता है,
मर जाने को तेरी इन मतवाली चालों पे।
क्यों तेरी इस मादक खुशबू से
खुद को मतवाला बना रहा हूँ मैं। हे स्वप्न सुंदरी……

फ़कीर था पहले अब तेरा दिवाना हो गया हूँ,
जो कभी ना बुझे उस शमाँ का परवाना हो गया हूँ,
तुमसे मिला नही कभी पर तेरी याद में
पागल सा हो रहा हूँ, कवि नहीं हूँ,
पर कविता लिख रहा हूँ मैं।हे स्वप्न सुंदरी……

Friday, March 23, 2007

Semester Vows!!

Starting from the 1st Mid-Semester Exam way back in 1st semester,i along with my dear friend vow to study hard next time only to degrade our performance in next exam.We don't seem to find a solution to it,the bigger the vow,poorer the performance. our GPA trends keep showing a negative slope, while aspirations behaving just the opposite.

When i came at ISM, i heard someone saying "in 1st year,you start with Next Bill Gates,gradually realising that it takes a hell lot of guts,skill and luck to be even his employee"!!!.

Me and my friend are exceptions,with each passing day we are getting more elated and ivigorated, without any reasons. more importantly it frustates some of our batchmates who work harder with a Better performance under their belt..

Donnknow where it'll take us...i am just hoping for a day where we crash down to ground realities......