Saturday, April 11, 2009

Election Trivia

Here's an interesting bit of election trivia. The Valsad Lok Sabha seat is unique. The party that wins this seat has invariably been forming the government at the Centre since Independence. Until 1997, the Congress won this seat and formed the Government. In 1977, the Janata Dal candidate won and Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister. Again in 1980 and 1984,the Congress won this seat, and formed the Government. When the BJP (NDA) came to power twice, the BJP candidate won the Valsad seat. And then in the last General Elections, the Congress candidate won the Valsad seat. Needless to say, the UPA formed the government. This may be just political coincidence, but both the BJP and Congress candidates are telling voters to elect them, so that their party can form the Union government.

Modi enters UP and colour of his Shirt changes from White to Saffron,that's the kind of psychological trick he plays.Though,he has not used his famous Hindutva dictionary in his speeches so far,but the colour does have an impact.Message is still the same,just he is displaying it and not speaking.Model code of conduct??

Shivraj Singh Chauhan : A refreshing break from the hate preachers, corrupt, inefficient, communal or secular politicos. Shivraj Mama, as he is fondly called by his people,is one politician to look for.Combines Integrity,Honesty,efficiency with
the astuteness of a politician and that makes him a robust leader.In for a long run.


Homer said...

Wow.. these are cool facts..

Thx for sharing them!

Solitary Reaper said...

You are welcome Homer...Nice to see after such a long time..I went to your blog(silver-tongued) too,could not find anything new.
Have you stopped blogging?