Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Walk Into The Woods

It's so hot over here,
I am a restless soul
peace seems out of the scene
and life is loosing its hold
it's time to take a walk
into something serene,
something comfortably cold

Let's take this break
from this rush of the world
the lust of power and gold
let's take a walk
a walk in to the woods
exploring all that is good.
Leave everything behind
just walk alone
a walk into the time
a walk in to the nature pristine

Let's take this walk
for they speak with the voice of god
for its my ultimate abode
for its my final fantasy
Oh Come on,can't you even see
the world there is so illusory
So Volatile,SO temporary

Let's walk away
from all these lies
a walk that satisfies
Let's take this walk
the walk into the woods.