Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fact or Fiction?

I don't know whether u believe in spirits or not. I am someone who lies in between. I have been always doubtful regarding the authenticity of any story or phenomena related to ghosts/spirits. Simultaneously,i never deny their existence.

The story I am going to tell you today will probably help clear the air to some extent.
Way back in 2k4,me and some friends were having a discussion on planechit(the so called process by which spirits are called upon and made to answer questions in symbolic way ). As we came to know,during the process,all the interested ppl sit in a circle and concentrate on a metallic coin and invite the spirits onto the coin toanswer their queries. As always,some of us were not convinced with the theory,we decided to prove it wrong,not to convince others but to ourselves.
I had a different explanation to the whole process,My take was,if the coin moves at all,it's solely due to concentration and not because of any ghost moving it. So we four decided to go for it and check whether our assumption was right or not.

Cometh the hour,we all four assembled into a quiet room,put a circle around the coin so that if it moves,it will be noticeable.It was decided that everybody would concentrate in a common direction for the coin to move,so that we have substantial force to make it happen.Wwith the index finger of all four(mohit,bhanu,bibhuti and me) placed lightly on the coin, we started. Seconds passed trying to concentrate,a few minutes passed and we all were concentrating hard enough. It seemed the whole world around me has vanished and the only thing that remains is coin.
After approximately 15 minutes,the unthinkable happened,THE COIN MOVED..yes and that too by a clear few inches,it seemed some force was pulling the coin in the direction we concentrated. Then someone from us said stop and we all stopped.
It was unbelievable,we all were glaring each other in complete disbelief as if asking whether you forcely pulled the coin. But, a mere glimpse in the eyes of rest three was sufficient for me and others to believe what we have witnessed. We all sweared to each other not to have done it forcibly. It was still hard to believe,a coin moving by force of concentration!!!! Till now,I had read such things only in books,today I saw it. We all knew no one would believe it, and we didn't even tried to convince others. But inside all of us we knew the truth and that was sufficient without anyone else endorsing our views.

After the experiment,no one took the 2 rupee coin,for some fear was still there that there may be spirits coming uninvited(none wanted to take risk). However, I took it(hehe...bhuton ke dar se 2 rupya kyun chhodein)..

And even today, this piece of writing is for believers only. None-believers may try it out themselves and share there experiences with me. I would be quite happy to hear from them.