Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OZ Attacks : Deja-Vu??

This is going to be a little harsh on us.Bear with me..

MNS must be a very happy outfit these days.I guess so,because they have found some unsolicited support in the form of those unknown aussie junkies who have happened to script quite a few headlines in India as well as OZ.Thakreys' support base is increasing,from a tiny belt of maharashtra,it has extended well into the unchartered territories of Australia.

I wonder how strikingly similar, the attacks in Australia are to the attacks on North Indians a few months back in maharashtra.I shall better enumerate them :

(1)Indian students went to Australia in search of better oppurtunities and good life,in the same manner as people from UP & Bihar landed in Maharashtra.Both bear the burnt of some local rowdies for eating up into their share of development.Both end up getting thrashed. :)

(2)I dont have any matrix but if there was any,then I would propose a equation like this :

Development(AUS):Development(IND) :: Development(Maha):Development (North India)

In words,The way we Indians see Australia as a developed nation and hence a land of oppurtunities,in the same manner Mumbai\Pune is perceived by people of North India wrt to their own states.

(3)The way we Indians consider ourselves more intelligent,smart than our aussie fellow,quite similarly, people from Bihar and UP think about themselves on comparison to the ones from western India.

(4) Inspite of our Indian diaspora being everywhere around the globe and considered hardworking and Intelligent,we have been unable to pull India out of poverty.Perhaps in a similar manner,North Indians, despite of making it in largest chunks to IITs\IIMs every year,topping Civil Services and having spread almost everywhere in the Nation, could not lift their respective states out of the clutch of backwardness.

(5)None of the culprits were booked in Mumbai that time and none have been caught this time too in Melbourne.

So remember,you reap only what you sow. Dont cry your heart out on watching those footage of an Injured shravan Kumar in Melbourne or a nephew of harbhajan been killed,it was same scene in Patna on watching Rahul Raj being murderred live in Mumbai.But then many of you choose to remain inside the comforts of your AC room,sipping a nescafe and watching news on your TV set.
Dont stage a demonstration now,for you didn't do any then.We are calling the recent attacks racist,were the similar attacks on North Indians not of same nature? How can you accuse Australian people of being racist,when you yourself don't have the courage of standing against racism in your own backyard?

Someone said 'Charity begins at home',I would like to add 'Racism too'.