Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Bruins!! Its LA next..

A warm hello to all my readers and apologies for a long absence from this space. I really wish I could have been more frequent over here.

Lets start with an update first. A thread which started with a casual suggestion by a friend to look outside India for MBA is finally approaching its logical end. Yes, with all the excitement that I can possibly muster in words, I am happy to announce that I shall be joining UCLA Anderson this fall as an MBA candidate. Although, the admission decision arrived a lot earlier, but weighing on between different options took some time.

Be it the GMAT, the essays or the admissions interview, the MBA admissions process can be daunting and possibly intimidating experience. Therefore, It was a great relief to have taken it to a happy conclusion. Now that I know the pain of the process and how perilous it can be for starters, I would be happy to provide help to the aspiring MBAs out there reading this post. I am just an email away :).

With less than two months remaining into the start of classes, I also realize that I need to prepare myself for this transition from a working professional to a student. Besides the absence of monthly pay-slips, it also mandates me to study. During undergrad, this was something which occupied my priority list briefly during the semester exams. However, with this 150K course, I wonder whether I can afford to give it a miss. Assignments,quizzes and surveys have already started accumulating in my inbox and I believe this is only going to increase in coming days.

On a different note , I have been in Melbourne for last four months and the winter here has been a pleasant break from the heat that is baking northern India. What it also means is that I am not taking the Mother of all Vacations which I had planned to take before starting my MBA.
Without making this post longer, I would end it now with a promise to write more often than has been the case. Looking forward to be in the Hollywood city soon!!