Friday, September 24, 2010

CWG,10: A Test of Character for the Largest Democracy

If you want to kill a tree, don’t cut it, just curse it! The same seems to be happening with CWG.

Friends, successful completion of CWG is a must for INDIA’s image….there has been so much negative publicity about it….let’s support the games now, and for sure it doesn’t mean that we support the corruption involved with it!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exclusive Gifts for Solitary Reaper Readers!!!

Happy News for Solitary Reaper readers who also happen to be interested in pursuing their MBA.

Based on some of the articles on this blog, Stacy Blackman Consulting has decided to award two of my readers free copies of their book Branding Guide .
Worth USD 30, this book is a very useful resource on how to position yourself before the adcom. It includes some of the exercises that SBC go through with its admissions consulting clients when it begins working with them. I personally find it very useful on how to put forward your unique Brand before the Adcom.
So, if you are really interested in pursuing your MBA in near future and believe this book can help you, do leave your comments in not more than hundred words as to why do you think, this book can assist you in this process. Please do it before Wednesday so that I can get your copies ready by Thursday :)

Happy Reading!!