Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CAT,Jyotish and Timing

So the ever elluding Billi has taken a giant leap and goes cyber.I'm happy..really..not because I'm very comfortable with computer based tests,I have appeared for none so far.The thing that makes this nerd happy is now I have a little flexibility with which I can choose a date based based upon planetary combinations.
I know what you are thinking,that one who's to depend upon his stars for CAT is hardly worth it.Point taken,but here is my take...

Timing being the common thread between CAT and Astrology,the 10 day window is bound to give astrologers a hectic schedule.And I believe,just as we see during marriage season,a particular day being more auspicious and hence traffic busier.In the same way,stars in the sky will decide to a large extent, how many geeks bang their head infront of the monitor on a particular day.

CAT has always been associated with a high quotient of luck factor.Those 2:30 Hrs..I can't overstress the important role your luck plays into it.one question incorrect,you are 5 marks down and your percentile drops below cutoff.

Confidence is the another key thing besides luck which draws the line between who made it and who could not.Add to this,going into the exam with the belief that your stars are there to help you can be a great confidence boosters for believers.
Anyways,choosing a particular day from the 10 days window is going to involve different parameters for different set of people.
Students may choose it on weekdays,given they have the flexibility to bunk a few classes.Professionals would go for Sunday as this wud give them some time to relax on saturday and a few like me would add an extra parameter of planetary combinations.

I have already started looking my hora software....Why leave any stone unturned?

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Karan said...

Ok Ok.
Point taken.
But please answer one question.
If everything is predetermined then why are you happy?
Because in that case this is also determined that who will be making good use of astrology and who will not.

This should also be predetermined.