Friday, July 4, 2008

Breathing in Corporate World @Amdocs

So finally after 16 years of academics(sounds too much na...mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai..) I had my first breath in the corporate world..
I joined Amdocs,Gurgaon on 23rd june..That's why I cudn't continue on "FastForward India:2 years Hence" column..I'll be continuing with next piece of that series very soon...
btw life is taking a new turn..from a student to a professional and from dhanbad to Gurgaon...I'm just hoping the excitement goes on..I have been put into the testing team over here and consequently I have all the time of the world in my kitty at office..(haha)..

Real Estate prices at gurgaon are soaring by each passing hour and hence I somehow managed to have a rented room in a locality near by the office..
but for those who can manage,delhi seems to be a better idea for staying as the life there is more happening(it's been 2 weeks only of my stay,follow at ur own risk :))and u can still make it to gurgaon for office as most of the companies provide you with cab facilities for commuting between delhi and gurgaon..
Finally,the best thing at Amdocs, food at the's all joining amdocs,get ur apetites tuned in for some extra bites coz your digestive system will have to work overtime for those extra ones [:)]