Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hollywood Bollywood

Well, I have just watched the movie JUST LIKE HEAVEN and I find my fingers are already moving anticipating a new blog[:)]
This certainly is not about love or such feelings what I am going to write about is Movies..yeah, more precisely romantic movies.

After watching scores of bollywood movies and a few of Hollywood's ,I feel that movies made in india lack the kind of intensity or creativity that hollywood boasts of.
Talking about Romantic ones,Hollywood movies like Serendipity,If only,Little Manhanttan,50 First Dates,Just like Heaven,Love Actually and many more(List goes very long) take you to a very high level and you keep thinking about the characters,the theme long after the movie.This kind of effect is found missing in hindi Movies ,Even if you name the best ones like Devdas,Heer-Ranjha they stand nowhere against the names mentioned a few line above.
Hollywood movies of all type have one thing in common,they are intense,even if it's comedy it's an intense one,you get the best of the kind you are watching.In Romantic movies, they are very rich in content whether be it emotional or physical which probably our hindi directors probably never cared to provide or in other words they never went that extra step forward to defy the conventional limits.They never innovated enough .Even if you watch other type of movies like The troy,Alexander,Kingdom of Heaven,Star wars,Lord of the Rings you are left your breath gasping by the magnanimous scale of
men and materials involved.

Globalistion is the hue and cry these days and it's the time our film industry also goes global,which can only come when you respect creativity and keep Innovating.