Monday, September 17, 2007

My New Poem..Rah Ke Pathik...

Well..this is exam time here and my poetry is at its best as usual[hehe]..

Rah Ke Pathik...

O Rah ke pathik,Badhta Ja,
manji dur hai,raste visham,
bhavon ki umadti nadiya hai to,
gahraya hai moh ka bhi tam,
vikaT aise kaal mein,
tu deep dharya ke jalata ja.O Rah ke....

Nit-Nirantar suni hoti in rahon pe,
sathi chhutenge,sangi bichhdenge,
Mat ro,tu jivan path ka rahi hai,
rah rokte is jaal ko,
tu swayam hi suljhata ja.O Rah ke....

Ja puchh himgiri ke us utang shikhar se,
ya puch sagar ki us anchhui gahri kokh se,
kitne akele hain ye,
vishalta ka mulya kya hai,
jante hain ye,
O lakshya ke diwane,
rukna nai,mudna nai,
path ki in suni awajon ko,
manjil se aata soch,chalta ja.O Rah ke....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Love and Marriage...

Haha..My second consecutive post on "LOVE" clear my stand,
I am writing only on the topics on which I feel I have an
opinion that i need to share with you people..

I think most of us wish to fall in love and majoirity of us do
wanna get married once they are settled. A few of us are
already in love (Few?am I wrong?) and most of them would want
to marry their loved ones (anyone who falls outside these
categories? Plz..I want to Interact with you)..

My take is very clear, marriage and love are two eternally
different things and any attempt to join them is as futile as
extrpolating two parallel lines in the hope that they meet
somewhere..if you wish to join them you have to break one of
the the same way,you have to compromise with
either love or marriage in your life..luckiest is the person
who don't have to compromise on any of these..reasons:-

* Love is an absoulutely personal Feeling between two persons,
while marriage is a social institution from its very concept in
all the societies globally.

* Love as they say, knows no age,religion,boundaries etc..on the
contrary in marriage, details much more finer than age,religion,
borders are taken into account and people try to find the most
compatible match possible[:) most of the times this is also futile]

Does that mean you shudn't marry the person you love or
only love the one whom you marry??..

The question is wide open for you to ponder over and share your
thoughts..I am very flexible on the above thoughts and given a
proper logic I am willing to change..