Monday, December 22, 2008


During last one month or so,life has been fast paced and hence my absence from the blogosphere.I apologise to my readers specially rohit,who's always looking for some new entries here.For your info,I have been relocated to pune by my comapny.

BTW,pune was a refreshing break from the chilling cold of gurgaon.Most of my friends being at Pune meant, it was a distant cry from the monotonous life of Gurgaon which was more or less limited to books,newspapers and movies(on weekends).
This weekend six of us Daruka,Chidi,dangi,anuj ,jhandu and me made a trip to lonawala,khandal and karla caves(More on this in coming blog [:)]).
A brief interaction with my manager here indicated that my honeymoon with the company is over and it's time form some serious action meaning,Unlike Gurgaon,I don't have the luxury of long leisures with small refreshing(yeah, refrshing) tasks in between.Now it's the opposite way around.
Let's hope I enjoy this life too..
Will be back with another post shortly..

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Ramblings said...

Thanx dubey for registering my name too in your blog.A gud writing as always...I was thinking that you might have been involved in settlement activities and knowing the place activities.I am really happy that you are happy now,and thus enjoying part of your life in pune..keep writing the blogs..always and with more abt Pune.