Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Under Siege..Test of Character for Indian Democracy?

Without doubt, we have witnessed one of the most gory incidents of terrorism in India.Some prefer to call it India's 9\11 which is likely to prove a turning point in india's atitude towards terrorism and its foreign policy.I believe such an incident is also a time to introspect and cut down the local "resources" terrorists are using to carry out such acts.Let's not forget that terrorists couldn't have carried out such a meticulously planned attack without the help of locals and the first step towards meeting the challenges thrown by terrorism should be to cut down this local supply of "resources".

Indian establishment must ensure that our own population remains out of the ever encompassing ,mammoth reach of radicalism, be it hindu or muslim.Though late,Indian authorities do agree that domestic fuel to terrorism is increasing and this poses a threat that's very difficult for security agencies alone to counter.We need a cordinated effort from everyone concerned, political parties,army,intelligence,police and aam public to counter this menace.

Perhaps our major political parties have been unable to feel the pulse of a large chunk of the population be it BJP or Congress.The solution lies in formulating a policy which takes into account the grievances of that part of the population as well as a strong anti-terrorist law.

First of all we need strong support of the public to be able to weed out terrorism.
This can't be done with the help of a strong law only,we need to know what people want.Fiery speeches against a particular section would only work in favour of terrorists.

State elections are going on and General Election is round the corner, at this time,it's very natural for political parties to pick up the issue of terrorism and start a never-ending blame game.I believe that our political class has to be more mature and should be ready to sacrifice their narrow political gains in favour of the larger interest of the nation.It remains to be seen how mature our 61 year old democracy is,and perhaps no better time than now to test that.


Ramblings said...

Hi,I was just thing a short while ago,that i haven't read ur blog for a longer time.Actually,no new blog has been brought by you for a long time,that was the cause,i didn't make this run a regular one.yes dubey u r right..see whats happening around us..why the IB,RAW etc has sleeping for a longer time,they r so indominating that they r not able to find out any footages of terrrism before it strikes off in city..I don't blame over here..i feel it personally..

Ramblings said...

dubey u r rite..but don't u think.the politicians have been the key stone of all these attacks.Let me elaborate..firstly the control over IB,Raw group by Gov are so bad,that they always get to falter their ways..they(politicians) don't give full power to them(IB and etc),as i think..nd due to this they don't command over their ideas.The thing that has happened ,don't u think has been organised so well in order that even our IB,RAW etc cud n't find their footages before the struck off in mum..