Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The CAT Story..

It was 09:15 AM,dated 9th January,Friday.I was just into the office and logged into the site where they has said CAT results would be published.
CAT tr. no:7230475, application no.-******(earlier,it had the exact no. but I changed it after reading abt information security threats :)) and the bang happens...

Quant :50 98.98%ile
DI :33 91.84%ile
Verbal:66 98.78%ile

Overall :149 99.61%ile

Hey, I am expecting something more..there must be some more info as to which IIMs I have got calls from.Is there a mistake? Must be.It's Unbelievable ,there must be a couple of calls.But there wasn't any.Neither at that moment nor in the days to come.

I am still clueless as to what might have gone wrong.One thing was clear, I was a little short in DI,but still it was enough to clear the cutoffs of B,C(PGDCM),L and I(Not to Mention Shillong).
I am trying to look for ways by which I can find out what went wrong.RTI seems one option and am thinking about it.

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Ramblings said...

forget all these things....so..u are seen over here nowdays!!!!khan gaye hue ho