Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Era Of Legends..

These were truly the golden days of Indian Cricket.
Rarely,one sees such a galaxy of legends playing all at a time.We have.
All of them proven match-winners,all of them have some legendary tales scripted around them,each of them a true champion,true legends that Indian Cricket will miss for a long long time.

One a true genious,arguably the greatest cricketer that mother earth has happened to produce.Highest Run getter in Both Test and One-day cricket,well matched with highest number of Centuries again in both and innumerable other records under his belt tell you very little about this ever humble,Icon of India.

Other being a champion bowler, third highest wicket taker the world over & only the second in the tradition of cricket to have notched 10-wickets in a single inning.

Another being one who'll long be remembered as a transformal captain who changed the face of Indian Cricket for good and metaphorically as "god on off-side" for his classy off-drives.

The honour having been awarded by none other than another of the legends who himself plays so godly that even god find him hard to beat.His picture perfect batting seduces you so much that you can walk miles just to watch one cover drive of his.

The Last among them,who forced the 11 champions of Steve Waugh to kneel down in broad day light at a packed Eden Gardens with power strokes emanating from his bat.

Man, he was unbeatable that day,they say so.
The blogoscope will fall short of space,if we start counting their tales.
This series will be the last time we all will see them together.
Let's pay a fitting tribute to them.

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