Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spill Overs...Talking with Myself..

A parameter to Judge Oneself...
Try moving inwards in your circle of aquaintances and try looking urself from their perspective.The more closer you are to the centre,better picture you'll have about urself.How your friends perceive you, will give you a better picture than someone you 'just know'.Your family members' even better.Your soulmate's perspective far greater than anyone else.It all boils down to how a person who is more informed about you judges you.
However,remember that the most sincere and informed views about you is there with the one at the centre and he is none other than you yourself.
Talk to him and you'll no longer need other mirrors.


Homer said...

Nice thoughts which has propped one more question in my mind..
Wat if when the perception about ur own self contradicts with the perception held by others abt u.. does that mean one is just having illusions abt oneself or others dont know the real personality of that person..

Solitary Reaper said...

Hi homer!!
Well I don't consider myself a authority on this issue these were just some thoughts cropping up in my mind.However,I'll try to answer you.
If you are sincere with yourself discounting any bias and prejudices from your mind,then in that case your own views hold the highest weightage.
Given that,if you can't find whether your are true with yourself then it's better to keep in mind other's views too .

Bhanu@ism said...

its too confusing dude. i'm not getting anything out of this. neither can you blindly believe others nor can you just believe your own perception about yourself. it would be more like an egg shell view.