Friday, June 15, 2007

Contemplating Love!!

I have been thinking on a while whether one can love more than one person with equal vigour and passion to all of them.(if in case you have more than one :) I have none,hence all this thought and blogs :))

Well, I think ,it's very much possible. Just that we don't realise it or we do not want to.
Can you differentiate between your love for two of your brothers,don't you love them equally?
yes you do..I bet you do. sometimes,you love someone on an equivalent level as of your parents,for example your spiritual guru,or someone elder.All of this are very much real phenomena occuring in our life.

Now what is it that makes us think,we can't love two sweethearts/lifepartners equally. Though it may be a wild concept for some,but I am sure it happens and it's perfectly natural.

If it can't be so,then I must say there exists two types of love,one that is bestowed on life-partner and the other one being for rest of the family & friends,including mother,father and brothers etc. However,all of us know love is same everywhere and for all,whether it's for spouse or for family. what makes the love for life-partner somewhat appear different is the blend of sex and love.

Hence, I think it's perfectly natural if one is in love with more than one person at a time.
Moreover, our ancient texts have some very good examples of such kind, Draupadi with pandavas and Lord Krishna with his eight patranis. Just we need to think over it rationally and you'll get my point.

Disclaimer:- It's only a thought..please don't try it may loose even the existing ones..[:)]


Ramblings said...

good writing skills!!!you will surely make some special acheivement from this prow...all the best dear

prateeksha said...

I've always agreed with this point. You can certainly be in love with two people at one time, even if it's in romantic terms.

However, I feel that the love for another person comes into scene when there's some feeling of dissatisfaction or need for newness in life.

ashutosh said...

well said prateeksha..However, It's not necessary that u have to dissatisifed with existing ones,in order for new persons to enter into ur life..

Moreover,it's a matter of personal faith..and It was just a thought of mine..No experience as such..[:)]

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi said...

Very convincing man!!
There are many more things which u want to question. Bring them up man !!!

Ramblings said...

Well frnd.....Here everytime we go uselessly without coming to holistic consideration.......Here everthing can be respected expect the great prediction....I know it augurs in pouring the heart to get a perfect ending.......