Thursday, September 10, 2009

CAT 2009-The Starry Days

I dont know how to put it, but I cant resist it . Astrology has always been close to my heart and I love doing a bit of experimentation with it . This is another of my attempts at the same .

As I already mentioned in a previous post of mine, the 10 day window for CAT,2009 does allow stars to play a part and ppl like me who are believers in astrology,if given a chance would pick an astrologically ausipicious day for the exam.

Below is an attempt to provide you with the most favourable day according to your moon signs for the purpose of CAT in the given duration i.e. 27th November - 07th December. The principles, I have applied all correspond to vedic astrology and signs\rashis mentioned here are Moon Signs . In case you dont know what your moon sign is,you can enter your birth details here and find out your rashi(It has nothing to do with Priyanka chopra's upcoming muvi,'what's your rashi'[:)]).
Now let's quickly get down to the business :

Aries\Mesha : Any of the sundays i.e 29th November or 06th december will be good for you. However,if given a chance choose the later one.

Taurus\Vrishabha : Auspicious days are : 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th december. The one on 2nd december will suit you the most .

Gemini\Mithun : Stars want you to face the opening deliveries :). Choose anyone from 27th or 28th November.

Cancer\Karka : Auspicious days are : 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th december. The morning session of 7th will suit you the best.

Leo\Simha : The majestic of all signs. Choose any date starting from 29th november uptil 2nd december and fortune will favour you. However,best one is 2nd December.

Virgo\Kanya : Choose any one from 1st, 2nd 6th or 7th december . The one on 2nd december is best for you.

Libra\Tula : Three days full of fortune all equally blessed, 4th, 6th or 7th december.

Scorpio\Vrischik : Of all the signs,you people are particularly blessed in the given 10 day window. Opt anyone from 27th nov, 28th nov ,1st dec or 2nd dec . 1st december ,tuesday will be good for you. However,avoid the afternoon session on 1st december.

Sagittarius\Dhanu : Just two days, but power packed ones: 29th and 30 th november. 29th is preferable .

Capricorn\Makar : 29th November to 2nd december,choose from among them. second day of december should be preferred if given a chance

Aquarius\Kumbh : Similar to capricorn .

Pisces\Meena : Stars have given you more options to choose from in November 27th and 28th and in December, 1st,2nd,6th or 7th. Choose anyone from these. Howver, 6th december and morning session of 1st should be preferred over others.

The above is just a broad picture for the twelve zodiacs. Individual charts are likely to give a better result. However, in case you dont want to go into complicacies of individual charts(yeah,it is complex),above dates are good pointers.


Anupam said...

my father consulted an astrologer (or may be more ) .. they gave em three options , 28th morning (CAT 2009 ka ribbon katne ka mood nahi tha so discarded ) , 6th dec morning ..( tab tak shant nahi reh paoonga )

so finally my date 2nd dec morning :)

Anuj Agarwal said...

I think now i should also fill up the form..

Solitary Reaper said...

@ Anupam..

I have taken my date on 1st dec. May be I'll let you know a few questions ,making your day even more auspicious :)

Solitary Reaper said...

@ Anuj,

wish you all the best..pick a good date..:)

ishan's said...

can you plz predict the questions also( along with answers) for Tauras raaashee.......plz.. so taht i can sit for the test ???

Anonymous said...

Can you tell something about CAT 2010 STARRY DAYS