Sunday, September 7, 2008

Joining The Dots..

Here are a few news items,which happened in recent weeks\months..The aim here is not to keep you abreast of current events but to indicate something...please use your own logic to interpret these and try to join the dots..
(1)Nepal,the only official Hindu Nation in world found itself in the clutches of
communism.The same people that killed the army & people of Nepal were now a part of the ruling combination and all this in the name of democracy!!!!!

(2)Cabinet Minister visits the family of a alleged SIMI terrorist and demands for his immediate release and also to revoke the ban on SIMI.The Irony being,it was the central government(of which the minister is a part of) only which has sought a ban on SIMI in the wake of strong proofs of the outfit being involved in recent bomb blasts in the country.

Add to this,The same minister asks for legitmising the Illegal Bangladeshi Occupants which are creating law and order problems in many districts of Bihar bordering Nepal..

(3) The governor of Jammu & Kashmir takes back a decision which sought to provide a piece of land aimed at creating suitable amenities for lakhs of Amarnath pilgrims.
Why would a secular Indian government take back such a noble decision..only under the pressure of separatists of hurriyat??..Think Aloud..there is more to it..

(4)A Mahant known for his charitable institutions and for helping underpriviledged among the tribes of orissa, brutally killed along with his four associates.Wait... this is not supposed to be a news item in a 'Secular India' so this is not.Who'll speak even a single line against this killing and risk himself being labelled "Communal" and belonging to RSS,VHP.The mahant must have done something bad to have invited his killings..

Join the dots...

And is a link to a very thought provoking article by Tarun Vijay,the editor of "Panchjanya"...,curpg-1.cms


vijay said...

Dubey , Fantastic dear . Read your blog for the first time. Highly inspired by your political and diplomatic perception . Are you trying to pin the fallacy in our political system viz . Democracy . Critising the hypocrite Netas , who in the name of secularism befool people and bifurcate them.

Or where you trying to draw some bigger picture which I am not able to view.

Reply ASAP.

Solitary Reaper said...

sir..I am pointing to both..We have tolerated appeasement to such an extent that not only do we stand a chance of constant internal strifes but we have also been unable to contain our external enemies.
I see the regime change in Nepal more as a chineese intervention in a neighbouring and friendly state of ours. Whatever happened in nepal is a utter failure of indian diplomacy,but we won't say a word because
"nepal was erstwhile a hindu kingdom and anything which helped change that status must be good".
Appeasement has taken us to a dangerous brink.

vijay said...

Red Flag Waving in Kathmandu; credit goes to higher Chinese influence . You cannot call it a " diplomatic failure of India ". World envy China of thier growing supremacy . Politically and Geographically, they had binding tendency . You can view it in a Nepalese market flodded with chinese goods.
I think it a " boon in disguise " else it would have invited terrorism through porous UP / Bihar / Nepal border.

Think India surrounded by
'Qurafats' from all sides .

Solitary Reaper said...

Considering the way china has helped Pakistan against India.I don't think this is going to help us.Infact the way I see it,it's going to be safe heaven for all the naxalites that operate in Bihar,Jharkhand and Orissa.Nepal was the only friendly state left in our neighbourhood(of course,apart from burma)and that too under chineese influence sounds ominous to me.

Earlier ,we could have easily asked nepal to help us in whatever way possible.Now the scene is...Prachanda breaks a long tradition by first visiting china ignoring India(which was criticsed even by nepaleese political parties too).It has a very important symbolic Importance.