Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sachin,Cricket & IPL..

Sachin : A Human God !!

I dont like it when we 'dehumanise' a person as human as Sachin. I have been a sachin fan from the time I started following cricket. I was his supporter when there were many dissenting voice against the master specially when he was going through a bad captaincy phase.There were times when World Tel was considering to back out from endorsement agreement involving sachin . Now I can hear almost everyone praising Sachin and comparing him to god. Please, the real beauty lies in appreciating Sachin's achievements from a human angle.Because, that is when he inspires you,me and all others. Lets consider Sachin a human and then you will realise how much hard work and dedication he has put into to reach where he is now. Hail Sachin, the legend, the champion and above all a great HUMAN!!!

IPL : Interested Parties

Modi : I believe, he is involved deeply into the money making from IPL. His behaviour is more or less on expected lines.nothing interesting to mention here.

Sharad Pawar : He knows that this controversy somewhere rubs his collars too. Thats why his statements so far have been very calculated. I believe , he'll save Modi for his own sake.

Shashank Manohar : He dislike for Modi is not a well kept secret.

SRK, Preity Zinta, Mallya & Shilpa Setty : Modi was making a good amount of money for them too.He was giving them enough screen space to enhance their personal\professional brands. They know that once he is out, they'll have to work it out all over again. Money makes the best friends, a proven fact :).

Congress : They had to sacrifice a well respected International diplomat due to this controversy. The government will go all guns blazing against Modi and everyone else. All of the government machinery is in action and will definitely give the party and the government an edge on any negotiation table, be it with the alliance partners or the oppostion.

BJP : Vasundhara Raje's association with Modi is well known. Thats why BJP has not been as vocal on this as it would have been otherwise.

Tharoor : I believe in his innocence. But he is still inexperienced in the murky world of Indian Politics. This episode should be a good learning for him

Lalu : He is opposing IPL only because his son could not get a birth from Delhi Daredevils team

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