Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bring in the Man..

Among the current generation of Veteran Leaders,I like Lal Krishna Advani the Most..Among the likely probables of PM ,we don't have a better choice than him.

But i feel,BJP this time is loosing a big oppurtunity by not bringing in the Man whole of India is waiting for i.e. Narendra Modi.Though of late,BJP has started a aggressive campaign reaching out to ppl, specially youth .But all in vain,being a youth myself I can testify to this.Instead,given a choice youth of India will choose Narendra Modi by a massive margin.
Having been heaped on tons of praise by the corporate leaders,he is the one leader our younger population can look forward to for a better and secure future.

However,there is something else that has prompted me to go for this piece.Thinking from the BJP's point of view,the current happenings in pakistan may have a massive impact on Indian General Elections than anticipated.Provided,the leader in question rises to the ocassion.
If he can make a daemon of 'Miyan Musharraf' out of literally nothing and use it to his advantage,he can use the current takeover of swat valley by Talibanis in a way that'll leave other parties handcuffed.This time we have a real and a far more dangerous threat looming around in our neighbour in the form of taliban.This makes an ideal setting for leaders like narendra modi who in the past have effectively used the fear wave to further their politicial ambitions.Pakistan in the hands of taliban is making indian public apprehensive and this makes for an ideal batting pitch for narendra modi.Public in such a time is looking for a strong leader who can gaurantee them safety as well development.

With economic crisis deepening further,unemployment & economic development is going to be a major issue in the forthcoming elections and again the one leader that comes to my mind is none other than Narendra Modi. my view with Narendra Modi as the Prime-ministerial(which is highly unlikely) candidate and Terror & Unemployment as major election issues BJP is going to make it.

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